21st July 2022

Gravelrings overlay system transforms worn, tired driveways

Gravelrings overlay system transforms worn, tired driveways

Gravelrings overlay application is a different method of installing Gravelrings driveway grid, the system is placed upon old, existing driveways providing the surface is structurally sound.

Once laid upon the existing surface, the panels are fixed into the sub-base with an electric nail gun and filled with stone. The aim is to transform worn, existing tarmac or concrete driveways into a beautiful gravel driveway without sacrificing the performance of a traditional gravel driveway installation.

Why use a Gravelrings overlay system?

Gravelrings overlay application is a cost-effective method of installing the driveway grid to create a beautiful gravel driveway. This application of the driveway grid removes the need to construct a sub-base, a notable benefit is that excavation work will not be required, which reduces costs associated with removing and disposing of the soil. Similarly, time is also saved as there will be no requirement to make journeys to the tip!

How Gravelrings driveway grid stabilises gravel

Gravelrings driveway grid has been designed to mitigate the problems typically associated with loose gravel surfaces. Without adequate reinforcement gravel driveways are prone to stone migration and can spread to create uneven coverage. Gravelrings circular design allows gravel to be held into the driveway grid so it cannot displace. By compacting and overfilling the stone into the system a solid, stable surface is created that conceals the grid below.

Hidden stability ensures the driveway grid remains discrete but the shallow depth reduces the amount of gravel required to construct the gravel driveway. Gravelrings driveway grid is a 25mm deep system, the requirement for less gravel decreases project and on-going maintenance costs for both the client and driveway contractor.

Using a driveway grid that decreases project and maintenance costs is certainly a worthy reason to invest. However, a driveway grid should also increase the longevity of a gravel driveway. Gravelrings features a mesh-backed base which is moulded onto the system to eliminate the base detaching and gravel slipping beneath. Gravel slipping beneath driveway grids can be a costly problem as overtime the stone will force the grids to lift, become exposed and cause a dangerous trip hazard.

Gravelrings stabilises the gravel and eliminates the occurrence of gravel migration while reducing maintenance requirements for the client. The effectiveness of this driveway grid also applies to a gravel driveway positioned on a slope, making Gravelrings a worthy addition in any driveway contractors toolkit.

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