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Aluminium Edging

• Forever perfect finish: edging holds gravel in place leaving a finish that stays forever perfect.

• Low profile: Graveledge slim profile blends discreetly into any landscaping scheme.

• Corrosion resistant: the beautiful aesthetic will not be spoiled by rust patches, leaving the driveway maintenance-free for decades to come.

• Durable material: aluminium remains strong for a lifetime, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

• Cement-free installation: Graveledge does not require a concrete base or haunching to be laid.

Click here to download the Graveledge installation guide and technical data.

Gravelrings - the hidden secret

Unlike any other gravel retention grid system, Beauxfort’s Gravelrings has been designed to provide hidden, but effective, gravel driveway support. At just 25mm deep, Gravelrings gravel mats for driveways ...

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How Gravelrings works

The Gravelrings gravel driveway retention system comprises interlocking gravel grid tiles made up of circular cells on a mesh base. The 25mm depth gravel mats are designed to be laid ...

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Overlaying an existing driveway with Gravelrings

Transform dull, flat tarmac driveways into beautiful gravel driveways with Gravelrings gravel driveway grids. Gravelrings can be used as an overlay system for tarmac driveways, by simply laying the gravel ...

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Gravelrings - the strength of the circle

Beauxfort’s Gravelrings gravel grid system utilises the strongest geometric shape to deliver the sturdiest gravel driveway grid design on the market, to deliver enduring performance and superior gravel driveway ...

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