18th August 2022

Can you put gravel grids on concrete?

Can you put gravel grids on concrete?

Simply put, yes Gravelrings gravel grid system can be laid upon worn, existing concrete to create an exceptional gravel driveway. Since the sub-base comes pre-prepared, Gravelrings can be used as a driveway overlay system as the mesh base allows the gravel grid to be securely nailed into concrete with an electric nail gun, which results in time and cost savings. Thus, Gravelrings overlay system offers a multitude of benefits both to the contractor and to the homeowner. Let’s explore.

Overlaying existing concrete with a gravel grid

Most homeowners overlook the disturbance caused by tearing up their old concrete driveway – searching for parking spaces on the street and lugging heavy shopping bags to an alternate entrance, for instance. However, this disruption can be minimised by overlaying the concrete with Gravelrings gravel grid system; this application has allowed driveway contractors to install 170 square meters in less than two days. Additionally, unlike concrete surfaces, freshly laid gravel driveways can withstand foot traffic and vehicular traffic immediately after they are laid.

While concrete driveways appeal to some homeowners for their low maintenance requirements, when they become cracked and worn the overall look of the property can dramatically decline. Given that, the cost required to replace a concrete driveway can reach £50 per square meter just for removal, Gravelrings gravel driveway grid can reduce overheads and deliver a long-lasting, low maintenance gravel driveway.

Reducing maintenance requirements & costs with Gravelrings

By using Gravelrings gravel grid system, a low maintenance gravel driveway can be achieved. The mesh-backed base on the gravel driveway grid allows it to sit neatly on the concrete surface to prevent gravel from working its way under the panels. Over time, gravel mined beneath gravel grids will lift and cause an uneven surface that can cause guests and homeowners to trip and fall.

Due to the low 25mm depth, Gravelrings gravel grid system reduces overheads by saving contractors money, by eliminating excavation and reducing gravel demand. In this case, contractors save money on hiring diggers for ground preparation work, purchasing loose gravel and mucky soil disposal. With the result that, these cost savings are passed down and enjoyed by the homeowner too.

To that end, worn existing concrete can be transformed into a low maintenance, beautiful gravel driveway at a fraction of the cost of resurfacing a concrete driveway.

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