An Innovative Gravel Retention System For A Forever Perfect Finish

Design differently with British-made landscape systems

Beauxfort addresses the pains of loose gravel surfaces with a first-to-market gravel retention system that requires on average 30% less gravel demand than alternative systems and a swift, effortless installation process.

Expertly designed and manufactured in the UK, Beauxfort leads the gravel grid market with quality by honouring British craftsmanship. In a survey of homeowners, 87% indicated they are interested in using sustainable materials in landscaping projects. Crafted from recycled HDPE, Gravelrings consider the environment by alleviating surface flooding and reducing the use of virgin material.

Gravelrings do not disintegrate overtime like alternative gravel grid brands, which earn Gravelrings sustainability credentials from responsible material sourcing to increased surface longevity for the end user.

Gravelrings Gravel Retention System Benefits

Why Beauxfort Gravelrings?

Landscape systems that make ground work

Beauxfort supplies expertly designed landscape systems that enhance gravel driveways, grassed areas, paths and outdoor areas and deliver excellent, long-lasting results every time.

Whether it’s a gravel driveway, or grassy area that you need to protect, our landscape systems are innovative, robust and reliable, and are the product of over 20 years’ experience of supplying the professional landscaping market.

With Beauxfort’s Gravelrings gravel retention grids for a gravel driveway, Grassrings grass protection system and Groundcell tree protection and erosion control system, you will be assured of achieving impressive gravel driveways, paths, gardens and outdoor spaces.

Delivery to site service

Our landscaping systems can be delivered direct to site, saving you the hassle of having to travel to collect them.

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Approved Installer Scheme

Our Approved Installer Scheme is aimed at assisting landscapers and contractors in achieving the best results for their customers, reflecting our commitment to offering quality, specialist landscaping products for landscaping professionals.

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Our landscape systems are best appreciated by seeing and handling them. We will happily send you free samples of our landscaping products so that you can see how innovative and unique they are.

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Beauxfort landscape systems

For perfect gravel driveways, paths, parking areas and other outdoor spaces look no further than Beauxfort’s Gravelrings gravel driveway, Grassrings grass protection, and Groundcell tree root and erosion control landscaping systems.

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Gravelrings grid system for gravel driveways, Grassrings grass protection system, and Groundcell erosion control and tree root protection landscape systems.

Gravelrings are a must. Easy to lay following the instructional video for a perfect level finish. The gravel stays in place with no ridges and no beach effect when walking or pushing a pushchair over it, a brilliant idea. There may be cheaper rings on the market but Gravelrings work as simple as that.

Tom Green

Home Owner

This system went in a dream, so fast and easy to lay, and yet it uses less gravel than the other system [I have used]. I’ll definitely be fitting this one again when we need a gravel drive. I didn’t even need to order more gravel!

George Johanson

Contractor, Korwyn Developments, Holywell, Wales

We are impressed by the solid, secure feel of the system, with no movement of the stones even with three-point turns. We now have a driveway that we are proud of and which has received complimentary comments.

Harry Peters

Home owner, Flitwick, Bedfordshire

[Gravelrings] was amazing for both ease of use and, most important for myself and my client, it looked fantastic, as well as having superb functionality. This is a quality product that will save you time and money with absolutely no compromise on quality.

David Collings

Off the Rock

Gravel is a material I enjoy using for driveways. It’s porous and gives a comforting crunch as it’s walked on. The grids keep the gravel in place, less gravel is needed and they’re very easy to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this product.

Selina Botham

Garden designer, Design for All Seasons

Perfect product, brilliant. Used [a competitor product] in the past but was much more impressed with Gravelrings. The Beauxfort team were really helpful, sent out samples so that I could see how I could use the grid system. Would definitely use it again.

Lewis Mitchell

Contractor, LM Landscapes

Thank you to Beauxfort. We ordered Gravelrings for our drive and [the team] gave really good advice, which helped us to get the end result we wanted. I would have no hesitation recommending the product - absolutely perfect - and we have had so many comments from our neighbours. Gravelrings are definitely worth the price.

Daniela Oliviero

Home owner, West Sussex

We are now almost 20 years in with the first [Grassrings] installation and it is proof that it works really well with the gravel infill too. There is excellent gravel stability - nothing moves, which is fantastic. We have specified the product to numerous clients and given our own use as a reference.

Howard Price

Architect, Burton-upon-Trent

This driveway has been absolutely brilliant. [Gravelrings] was the best solution.It serves all the purposes we need and even in the winter when the weather is bad, it means cars can get in and out with no problem. I would recommend this system to anybody.

Jim Greaves

Home owner, Derwen, North Wales

We are very pleased with the results. Previously we have had issues with gravel moving on the drive and with the slope into the drive, where we have had gravel ‘travelling’ down to the pavement continuously. With your product down all those issues have disappeared. We now have a much firmer driveway and, so far, no raking of gravel required. The new driveway is low maintenance with excellent rigidity and quality. Great product.

Ivan Holding

Home owner, Horsham

“We are very pleased that we opted for Gravelrings when relaying our gravel drive. They added very little to the installation time and well worth the additional cost as the difference to previously is so stark. No more ruts and grooves! The driveway looks tidy and is much quieter to travel across, plus we get hardly any stones coming into the house now.”

Paul McMullan

Home owner, Burgess Hill

We would like to say how pleased we are with your Gravelrings product. Quick to install and easy to cut on site, it has provided a firm base for 20t lorries to drive over without sinking or moving the 10mm gravel it retains. We used it on a large sloped area and after nearly nine months of use, the gravel has remained in place, unlike the flat section of the drive (laid without Gravelrings), where it has to be swept back into place regularly. Having used inferior products in the past, the moulded-in mesh base means that the Gravelrings do not rise up, as the aggregate cannot be forced up by the action of tyres pushing the gravel downwards. We will definitely be using your product again in the future for a permeable driveway.

Michael Alderton

Home owner and Contractor, Canning-Ericsson Ltd, Hurstpierpoint

I first used the Beauxfort Gravelrings system on a large, gently sloping drive. I found it easy to lay, they cut effortlessly and installation was fast. Once the gravel was spread, the surface was extremely firm. I am very impressed with all aspects of the product and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to my clients.

David Sinclair


We were extremely impressed by this product. [The Gravelrings] were of good quality and also fitted together well, thus saving valuable labour costs. Both the client and myself were very happy with the finished driveway.

Barry Ransom

Contractor, Barry A Ransom Ltd