16th April 2019

Why gravel is the best choice for your driveway

Why gravel is the best choice for your driveway

There is no doubt about it – first impressions count, especially when it comes to property. For estate agents, prospective buyers and, of course, you, the homeowner, a property’s kerb-appeal is key. And, when looking their best, the exterior and grounds of your property can also add to its value – as much as 5%.

A fundamental element of creating a stunning approach to your property is your choice of surface material. Get this right and you will have a driveway that makes your property stand out, wows your visitors and puts a smile on your face every time you come home.

Choosing a driveway surface finish

The main options that people consider when choosing a driveway surface are:

  • Concrete – probably the most basic and cheapest finish available, concrete is also the least aesthetically pleasing, although it is possible to have patterns dipped into the surface to create the appearance of block. Concrete can be hard-wearing and long-lasting but is prone to wear and tear, particularly cracking.
  • Asphalt – another cost effective option and also not the most aesthetically pleasing. Used on roads and paths throughout the UK, it can look a little industrial, particularly over large surfaces, and can become sticky and deformed on very hot days.
  • Block paving – a popular choice, these small brick-like blocks can be laid out in a customised pattern and individual blocks replaced when damaged. Over time though, blocks in high-traffic areas can sink, and weeds and moss will root and grow between the blocks.
  • Resin-bonded or resin bound stone – are newer, more expensive options, designed to hold stone in place or create a layer of aggregate bound together with clear resin This gives a surface finish not unlike asphalt but requiring a lot more maintenance, and you lose the soft look, texture and crunch of real gravel.
  • Gravel – possibly the most versatile option, with the greatest variety of sizes and colours to suit all properties and budgets. The traditional driveway finish of luxury homes, gravel provides a softer look, as well as a welcoming crunch as visitors approach your home (or an early warning of unwelcome ones). With specialist gravel grid systems now available, gravel makes an ideal driveway finish.

Gravel driveway grid system

With its vast range of sizes and colours, gravel suits and complements ultra-modern architecture as well as it does the older, traditional property. Its versatility makes it an ideal surface finish for anyone wishing to enhance the appearance of their property with a beautiful, welcoming driveway and approach.

By installing a specialist gravel grid system, property owners and developers are assured of achieving the perfect results. The Gravelrings gravel grid system from Beauxfort provides a hidden but effective method of supporting and retaining gravel surfaces, that gives that all-important crunch-factor, without driveway gravel migration or inconsistent coverage.

The integral mesh base of the Gravelrings gravel stabilisation system prevents gravel slipping beneath and lifting the gravel grid, ensuring that the grids remain out of sight while providing years of stable and hassle-free use.

To discuss how Beauxfort can help you improve your homes kerb appeal phone 0330 055 2599 or email info@beauxfort.com. Additionally, to understand how Gravelrings gravel driveway grid works order a free sample.

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