14th January 2020

7 driveway ideas to improve the kerb appeal of your home

7 driveway ideas to improve the kerb appeal of your home

As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. And that’s true for our homes too. The attractiveness of your property from the kerbside, or from the position that people first see your house, is known as kerb appeal. There’s plenty that can be done to improve the kerb appeal of your home, whether you’re looking to boost the appearance of your property, or if you’re looking to sell and attract potential buyers.

  1. Keep it clean and tidy
    Fundamentals first: to create a polished appearance, the exterior of your home should be clean and tidy. Make sure your wheelie bins have a home, ideally in their own storage unit. Keep leaves swept and patios jet washed. If children play on your front lawn, make sure that their outdoor toys are kept tidy and out of sight.
  2. Maintain the garden
    If you’re a keen gardener, choosing plants that complement the exterior of your home might be easy. For those a little less green-fingered, opting for easy-care plants that need minimal upkeep can be a low maintenance way of protecting the kerb appeal of your home. Less can be more – especially if you can’t dedicate the time to the upkeep of your front garden, so choose fewer plants or potted varieties.
  3. Lay a beautiful gravel driveway
    A gravel driveway provides a prestigious welcome to your home, with the added benefit of that satisfying crunch of stones under wheels. Ensure a perfect gravel driveway by using a gravel grid system for stability, longevity and to stop gravel migration.
  4. Light up your exterior
    Good exterior lighting choices can make all the difference to the appearance of your home at night. If you’ve got a long driveway, consider pillar lights to illuminate the way and create a welcoming glow. Some varieties are solar powered and don’t need hard wiring, so can be installed quickly and easily. Lighting around the front door is both practical and attractive – check that your existing fittings aren’t rusty or dirty. Flood up-lighters create a dramatic effect to your home at night.
  5. Add gravitas with gates
    As well as providing additional security, gates lend a sense of gravitas and intrigue to your property. Keep a wooden gate well-maintained with fresh staining or painting and metal gates rust-free, clean and polished. Think about signage by your gate too – does your home name or number deserve a new lease of life? Consider lighting signs to help visitors find your house in the dark.
  6. Furnish your front door
    A new front door can revolutionise the appearance of your home. Whether you replace it entirely or update it with a modern colour palette and quality hardware, a front door can say a lot about your property. Think about what will complement your home best, considering traditional brass knockers for a period property, or modern glazing options for contemporary homes.
  7. Freshen up paintwork
    Do your timber window frames need some attention? Perhaps your property is rendered and could do with a fresh lick of paint? Stand back from your home and consider if the exterior paintwork needs some attention – a freshen-up can make a big difference to the overall appearance and boost your home’s kerb appeal.

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