24th March 2020

Calculating the cost of a gravel driveway

Calculating the cost of a gravel driveway

Despite being one of the most attractive driveway finishes and the one most associated with high-end properties, gravel driveways can also be a surprisingly cost-effective option. But how much should you budget to achieve the perfect gravel driveway?

Here’s a handy guide to everything that needs to be taken into account when planning to install a new gravel driveway:

  • The overall size of the driveway 

    The size of the driveway you’re looking to create will be the most significant factor when costing the work required. Accurate measurement of the area that will ultimately become your new gravel driveway is essential, as this will dictate the quantity of materials required.

  • Special features 

    A large turning circle and parking area may be on your list of must-have features for your new driveway. You may want to install a central focal point, such as a water feature, sculpture or tree. And what about a gated entrance and lighting? When it comes to driveways there are many grand design ideas that will help to create an impressive approach to your home and boost a property’s kerb appeal.

  • Additional landscaping 

    In addition to the hard landscaping features of your new driveway, take time to consider aspects such as lawns, borders, edging and planting. Soft landscaping features help to create a statement, introduce contrasting or complementary colour and texture, and soften the overall look and feel of your new gravel driveway. But if you are looking for a more contemporary, minimalistic design then straight-lined borders will be the order of the day.

  • The cost of materials 

    There are several materials involved in installing a gravel driveway, including the sub-base materials, the sharp sand, the right geotextile membrane (to stabilise the drive), the right gravel grid retention system and, of course, the gravel itself. When it comes to choosing gravel, there are decisions to be made about size, material and colour and this can affect the overall price, so it’s worth comparing several options to make an informed choice.While you won’t see the sub-base, the geotextile membrane or the gravel grid system beneath your finished driveway, it’s important not to skip or compromise on these crucial items. A high-quality finish to your new driveway will depend largely on what has been installed underneath the gravel. A correctly laid gravel driveway will have a properly installed and stable base with a gravel retention system to minimise rutting and keep the gravel in place.

  • Labour costs 

    The price your contractor gives you for labour will not just depend on how large the driveway is. When providing a quote, a driveway contractor will look at how much land will need to be cleared, how much excavation work is necessary and how much levelling out is required to achieve a good finish. Armed with these facts, a contractor will be able to work out how long it is likely to take to create the driveway and provide an overall cost for the work.

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