Gravelrings overlays tennis court to create a beautiful gravel labyrinth

“We recognised that we needed a system to hold the gravel together to reduce gravel migration between the different colours of gravel. We contacted Beauxfort to discuss using their Gravelrings and we not only had an opportunity to discuss the concept but also received a visit from {the team} to discuss the project requirements. Even though we had previously never laid a grid, we managed to install them in a few days, including the cutting to fit round the curved edging and the fire pit.”
Ian Robinson
North Yorks

Gravelrings overlays tennis court to create a beautiful gravel labyrinth

North York Moors National Park is known for its abundance of green, leafy forestry and strong connection to the natural world. Tucked away in this countryside gem is High Dalby House and Cottages, a luxury B&B retreat. Resident hosts Ian and Linda Robinson offer a tranquil oasis where their guests can switch off from modern life and relax. In order to maintain the luxury appeal, site development is a high priority and this included a project to replace the tired, unkempt tennis court with a gravel labyrinth.

Labyrinths are intricate patterns that encompass spiritual value and meaning by allowing people to walk a path of self-reflection. Due to having to withstand frequent footfall a strong gravel mesh foundation is vital, as paths are drawn into the labyrinth with two contrasting colours of gravel. A gravel mat was required to keep the two colours of gravel from mixing, otherwise there would be no clearly defined paths and the details of the pattern would be spoiled.

With these requirements in mind, Ian had to source a gravel mat that could serve him both aesthetically and practically. After seeing an advertisement for the Gravelrings gravel mat, he was intrigued by the unique design. The gravel mesh-backed base meant gravel could not slip underneath the gravel mats causing them to lift - a particularly important feature when creating a labyrinth.

Another important feature was the gravel mats' strong circular shaped cells. The closed cell structure allowed gravel to be securely locked into place. This eliminated the problems of displaced gravel and a rutted surface. Intertwined with the easy clip mechanism and the ease of installation, Ian knew he needed this gravel mesh.

Gravel mats designed to stand the test of time

After Ian and three of his friends laid the gravel mats themselves, they were overcome with joy at the finished result – a beautiful gravel labyrinth. Now guests at the retreat can enjoy the wonders of the labyrinth for many years to come, thanks to the Gravelrings gravel mat hidden below.

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