9th March 2021

Gravel driveway ideas – inspiring planting schemes

Gravel driveway ideas – inspiring planting schemes

When you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of different driveway finishes, opting for a gravel driveway often emerges as the winner. But choosing the best surface and installing it with a gravel driveway grid system is just the beginning of the process. Once you know the overall aesthetic, you also need to consider the layout, the type and colour of gravel, the edging, the lighting and the surrounding planting scheme.

Here, we look at various planting schemes that all create an inviting impression and enhance the kerb appeal of your home. What you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including,

  • The size of the front garden and the scale of the plants that will work well
  • Whether the garden is in the sun or shade, so which plants will thrive
  • The architecture of the house, and choosing complementary plants
  • How much garden maintenance you’re prepared for

Alternating plants

For a simple and effective planting scheme, consider choosing just two or three plant types and alternating them down the driveway’s length. This simplicity can achieve a striking effect that’s neat and uncomplicated. Choosing boldly contrasting colours can further enhance the effect. Just be careful not to select plants that proliferate, spread, or creep.

Tall trees

A row of trees can add elegance and height to a driveway and can be incredibly impactful if their trunks are lit. It creates a welcome glow and a striking entrance. At Christmas, the trees can be further enhanced with fairy lights for a wonderland effect. Be mindful to consider varieties that won’t grow too tall once they’re at full maturity.

Potted plants

If you’re not ready to commit to a particular planting scheme, or like to try different options before deciding, then a line of pots along the driveway can be an attractive option. You can decide on the spacing that works best for your front garden, and experiment with colours and different plant types. Perhaps you’d like to change plants for each season? Planting in pots gives a great deal of flexibility without commitment.


Choosing evergreen plants ensures that whatever the season, your driveway looks full of life. It also avoids the cumbersome issue of removing leaves from deciduous trees from the gravel, keeping your driveway low maintenance and looking tip-top year-round.


A minimalist pared back look can be very striking, especially when it complements a modern home. To achieve the effect, select a single plant variety that has clean lines and an architectural feel. Unusual plant types, such as black mondo grass with its jet black foliage, can create a talking point and are generally low maintenance too.


If you’ve got a pretty cottage, more informal planting around your gravel driveway might work best. Wildflowers and grasses planted almost at random can create a wonderful meadow effect that attracts bees and wildlife. Incorporating herbs and scented flowers can give a wonderful aroma for visitors arriving on foot too.

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