22nd June 2021

The role of weight-load capacity in gravel grids and grass protection systems

The role of weight-load capacity in gravel grids and grass protection systems

When it comes to the performance of gravel driveway grids and grass protection systems, strength matters. This is why the superior weight-load capacity of the Gravelrings and Grassrings landscaping solutions make them the best on the market.

Customers often choose gravel driveways because of their statement look. While it is vital that a gravel driveway looks perfect, it is just as important that it performs well too. This is where the strength of a driveway grid system is critical and why Gravelrings is so highly rated.

The same goes for grass protection systems. More and more home and business owners are using their green spaces for occasional parking and they need their grass areas to be able to withstand this traffic without it being churned up and left looking a mess.

One of the main benefits of the Grassrings grass parking mesh is its strength and ability to withstand vehicle movement without damaging the grass under which it is laid.

If the grass protection and gravel grid systems that you install don’t have excellent weight-load capacity and strength, you run the risk of driveways or green spaces quickly becoming blighted by unsightly ruts, holes and sinkage. This, in turn, runs the risk of unhappy customers, complaints and poor reviews of your work.

The combined strengths of Gravelrings and Grassrings

Gravelrings and Grassrings are based on the same unique grid design. Using the strongest geometric shape there is – the circle – the exclusive design helps to create the strongest gravel driveway grid on the market. The strength of this integral mesh base means that these systems perform better for longer, while remaining completely hidden. Both systems have a weight load of 350 tonnes per square metre, giving them the capacity to cope comfortably with occasional car parking and even lorry traffic.

Thanks to the design of Gravelrings and Grassrings grids, the different panels can be easily used together. If a customer wants a gravel driveway installed and an adjacent lawn reinforced at the same time, or if they want their green space to have the same protection and capabilities as a driveway connected to it, this is a straightforward job thanks to the products’ simple but firm clipping mechanism.

The benefits of Beauxfort landscaping solutions

The strength of the Gravelrings and Grassrings systems, provided by the circular cell design, is key to the stability that they offer and their ability to deliver functional, low-maintenance driveways and green spaces that remain attractive and intact over time.

But this is not the only benefit of these gravel driveway and grass protection systems. The low profile of both means that they are easy, quick and cost-efficient to install. At the same time, they also have the flexibility that means that they can follow the contours of the land, making them easy to install if customers’ driveways and lawns curve, slope or do both.

A gravel driveway is a statement feature and well-cared-for lawns are treasured. When it comes to installing a driveway and to making sure that grass areas can cope with occasional traffic, Gravelrings and Grassrings have the strength to deliver the stability, performance and durability required.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway and grassed areas with the Beauxfort Gravelrings and Grassrings systems. Check out www.beauxfort.com for more information on Beauxfort landscape systems, for design inspiration and to request a free sample. You can talk to our team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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