22nd February 2023

Rising tides, rising stakes: exploring the potential impact of Schedule 3 on property developers’ driveway solutions

Sustainable Drainage System Access Road

The UK Government has announced they will be implementing changes to the building regulations to provide a more consistent approach to the use of sustainable drainage systems. New developments and the environment will benefit from reduced flood risks and improved water quality. The new approach for England is expected to be delivered in 2024, but how could this affect building professionals?

Paving the way for sustainable drainage systems

Traditional drainage systems are already over-capacity from the effects of climate change, rapid urbanisation and the boom in population. Schedule 3 will remove property developers’ automatic rights to connect new developments with the drainage system. Instead, rights will be granted subject to conditions, namely incorporating sustainable drainage systems within the design of the scheme. Alongside identifying the long-term maintenance provision to ensure the value of the building is maintained over its lifetime. Sustainable urban drainage systems benefit communities because they will manage flood risks by lowering water flow rates. As well as, encouraging natural groundwater recharge and relieving the pressure on urban drains.

While the introduction of schedule 3 could increase the regulatory burden upon developers by potentially increasing time and monetary costs. Beauxfort undertook some research which established 86% of homeowners are interested in using sustainable materials in their homes.

Sustainable driveway solutions for property developers

Sustainable urban drainage systems such as Grassrings grass parking grid and Gravelrings gravel parking grid provide opportunities for developers to add value to their scheme by improving the property’s sustainability credits. Both sustainable urban drainage systems are comprised of 100% recycled HDPE and are 100% recyclable. But each has its own unique benefits to the design of the properties.

Grassrings grass parking grid permits the use of green space in developments by reinforcing the grass area to prevent churn from car tyres and other vehicles. Maintaining green space using grass parking grids ensures a practical car parking space for homeowners is created that will improve biodiversity and the mental well-being of surrounding residents.

Gravel is known for its crunch factor and attractive kerb appeal. However, there is a misconception that all gravel surfaces suffer from surface instability. Gravelrings gravel parking grids improve surface integrity by stabilising the gravel to prevent migration, leaving a strong, solid base for vehicular traffic. These gravel parking grids need on average 30% less gravel than alternative systems making them a viable solution for value engineering projects.

Sustainable urban drainage systems have been proven to be more cost effective to construct and maintain than traditional drainage. What is stopping you from building properties with permeable driveway solutions?

To discuss how Beauxfort can help you achieve a sustainable development contact us by phone on 0330 055 2599 or email info@beauxfort.com. Additionally, order a free sample of Gravelrings gravel parking grid or Grassrings grass parking grid to feel the quality of British craftsmanship.

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