25th May 2021

The hidden secret to preventing gravel migration

The hidden secret to preventing gravel migration

What’s the secret to preventing stone migration from ruining a gravel driveway?

The answer is to install the right gravel driveway grid system.

What’s the right gravel driveway grid system?

It’s the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. And here’s why.

What the right gravel driveway grid system looks like

Stone migration is one of the most common and exhausting problems of traditional gravel driveways. Gravel gets everywhere – on the grass, in the house, in flower beds and in the road – and this leads to unsightly ruts and pits. A lot of work has generally been needed to keep gravel driveways looking smart.

But now there is a way to have a statement gravel driveway that requires only minimal maintenance. No back-breaking sweeping up of stones and no wallet-draining buying of more gravel to fill in holes and fill out thin patches.

The innovative Gravelrings driveway system is designed to prevent gravel migration. The system’s design, comprising a unique integral mesh base and interlocking gravel grid tiles made up of circular cells, creates a permeable gravel driveway that retains a consistent surface for years to come.

How the right gravel driveway retention system works

The Gravelrings gravel retention system uses the strongest geometric shape to deliver lasting performance – the cell structure is critical to its ability to stop gravel moving on driveways and from shifting onto lawns, flower beds and roads.

The interlocking gravel grid tiles are laid on a sub-base, which is placed mesh-side down to prevent gravel slipping beneath and lifting the gravel grid system. The grid tiles are then overfilled with gravel to hide the grid system from view.

The cellular grid design has the shape and strength to stop stone shift and to allow rainwater to drain away, so puddles don’t form, but also the flexibility needed to follow the natural contours of a driveway. Gravelrings can be easily cut to fit, so whatever the shape, a low-maintenance gravel driveway is always possible.

Furthermore, the structure of the integral mesh base is designed to prevent the build up of silt, which makes it more difficult for weeds to grow and spoil the look and performance of a gravel driveway.

Why the Beauxfort Gravelrings grid system is the best choice

Naturally, there are other gravel driveway systems on the market, but it is the exclusive gravel grid design that makes Gravelrings from Beauxfort stand out. The unique open mesh base sets it apart.

Unlike other systems, Gravelrings offers a long-term solution to the problem of gravel migration. By combining flexibility with durability in an innovative design, this easy-to-install gravel driveway mesh is able to reliably prevent stone loss over a long period of time.

This ability to stop gravel shifting and sinking over time, and all the problems and expense that this can cause, is a key reason why Gravelrings is considered the best gravel retention system on the market.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. Check out www.beauxfort.com for more information on Beauxfort landscape systems, for design inspiration and to request a free sample. You can talk to our team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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