17th March 2022

Using edging to create a perfect gravel driveway

Creating The Perfect Gravel Driveway

Creating the perfect gravel driveway is a fine art from the landscaping products used to the quality of installation. As all landscapers know, their reputation depends on the finished result.

Edging is often an underrated component of a gravel driveway and can be viewed by clients as an unnecessary extra line on the proposal. However, edging can be used to elevate the appeal and appearance of gravel surfaces.

Edging – Its place and purpose

Edging has two main functions in gravel driveway applications. First, to create a clean, sharp divide between the gravel driveway and any lawns or plant beds that it lays next to. This is for design to mark out eye-pleasing boundaries, as well as preventing the edges blurring overtime, leaving a messy finish later down the line.

Second, edging is used to hold the gravel in place, preventing stone migration. When installing a gravel driveway, a gap has to be left around the border allowing sufficient space for material expansion in the warmer weather. While expansion gaps are vital, the occurrence of them can leave gravel slipping out the sides, meaning stone can migrate, resulting in an untidy finish.

By installing a high-quality edging, like GravelEdge, it acts as a guard between the gravel driveway and the area beside it. As a result, gravel is held in place, further retaining it in position and eliminating the likelihood of stone displacement.

Introducing GravelEdge edging

GravelEdge edging is the perfect partner for Gravelrings to create elegant, stable gravel surfaces. GravelEdge is crafted by the highest quality, most durable aluminium, while being resistant to rust. Sustainability is high on the development agenda, so it is reassuring to know GravelEdge edging meets these requirements by being made out of at least 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of life. The tapered top edge and strong base provides stability to the design; however, the refined appearance of the edging does not compromise the ease of installation.

GravelEdge edging can be installed using a dry fix method, eliminating the requirement for concrete. Coupled with Gravelrings need for less excavation and simple but firm clipping mechanism, a beautiful gravel driveway can be achieved quickly and fuss-free.

The ultimate gravel driveway package

Beauxfort offers the ultimate gravel driveway package, the introduction of GravelEdge edging means all the structural components to a gravel driveway can be bought under the same roof. Along with Gravelrings fixing pins, this trio can successfully meet the requirements for landscapers by creating beautiful, hassle-free gravel surfaces.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings Gravel Grid System. Check out our website www.beauxfort.com for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems, design inspiration and to request a free sample, or talk to our friendly team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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