Groundcell System

The ideal protection

Beauxfort’s Groundcell creates a solid and stable sub-base beneath gravel driveways, providing vital protection to tree roots beneath the surface. Its strong honeycomb structure spreads the load of traffic evenly and prevents damage to the health of the trees around a gravel driveway.

Groundcell can also be used on slopes and banks to protect against erosion yet encourages grass growth.

Groundcell Landscape System for Gravel


Made from strong HDPE and connected by ultrasonic welding


Durable for a minimum of 25 years


Tested for resistance to oxidation
Groundcell laying system
Groundcell laying system soil layer
Groundcell tree root protection

How Groundcell works

The honeycomb structure of Groundcell provides a strong base that protects tree roots from the weight of driveway vehicles by evenly distributing load. It provides a barrier that allows tree roots to thrive while giving a gravel driveway the strength and stability required for a long-lasting finish.

Creating driveway perfection

When installed beneath Beauxfort’s Gravelrings, Groundcell provides an extra layer of stability that defends against potential tree damage by giving vital protection to their roots. Our Gravelrings can be installed above Groundcell, providing yet more stability and longevity to a gravel driveway. The cellular structure of Gravelrings holds gravel in pockets that prevent the movement of stones.

Ideal on slopes

Groundcell can be used to protect against erosion on grassy gradients. By stabilising the soil, Groundcell prevents the irregular settlement and washout that creates unsightly slopes.

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J Fixing PinOur clever J Fixing Pins fully secure Beauxfort’s Groundcell in place, making installation quick and easy. Their simple design makes them strong and durable, providing peace of mind of a long-lasting finish.

Groundcell Ground Control System

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