Gravelrings Landscape System for Gravel

The perfect approach

Beauxfort’s Gravelrings gravel driveway grid system creates a distinguished gravel driveway that gives that all-important crunch-factor, without stone migration, deep ruts or inconsistent coverage. The integral mesh base of the Gravelrings gravel stabilisation system prevents gravel slipping beneath and lifting the gravel grid, ensuring that the grids remain out of sight while providing years of stable and hassle-free use.

Made in Great Britain Gravelrings Landscape System for Gravel
  • 25mm depth provides hidden stability beneath the surface of the gravel driveway
  • Integral gravel mesh base prevents gravel migration
  • Our exclusive gravel grid design prevents silt build-up, resisting weed growth
  • The flexibility of the gravel grid follows the contours of your gravel driveway
  • Each 500mm square driveway grid has a simple but firm clipping mechanism
  • The integrity of the circular design provides the strongest gravel driveway grid design on the market
Gravel gridlaying gravel system
Gravel grid fixing grid gravel system
Gravel grid end result gravel system

How Gravelrings work

The Gravelrings gravel driveway retention system comprises interlocking gravel grid tiles made up of circular cells on a mesh base. The gravel mats are designed to be laid onto a sub-base and overfilled with gravel, to then prevent the shifting and sinking of the aggregate over time.

The gravel driveway grid system presents a simple and effective way to create a permeable gravel driveway that retains a consistent surface for years to come. Gravelrings tiles can also interlock with Grassrings where gravel areas are adjacent to reinforced grass.

Discreet perfection

Unlike any other gravel driveway grid system, Beauxfort’s Gravelrings have been designed to provide hidden, but effective, gravel driveway support. Our 25mm depth gravel mats for driveways are designed to be overfilled to prevent the tell-tale visible lines that ruin alternative driveway grid systems, with the added benefit of requiring less excavation and less gravel requirement. Gravelrings are available in black or white to best blend in with your chosen gravel driveway.

The strength of the circle

Our gravel driveway grid design utilises the strongest geometric shape to deliver enduring performance, with a load bearing capacity in excess of 350 tonnes per sqm. Made in Britain, each 500mm gravel grid is delivered in a pre-connected sheet of four for efficient installation. The innovative gravel driveway grid system is flexible, enabling gravel to follow the contours of your driveway.

Looking for inspiration?

The finest properties are defined by first impressions and we are proud of the impact that the Gravelrings gravel driveway grid system has on any drive or pathway. Why not look through our gallery?

Elegant reinforcement

A gravel driveway underpinned with Gravelrings is discernibly superior. Create a garden path or gravel driveway that enhances your property and gives that all important kerb-appeal, whilst also delivering porous, stable and dependable gravel driveway support for demanding use.

Gravelrings Gravel System

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