Groundcell fixing pins

Secure fixings for Groundcell ground control system

Beauxfort’s Groundcell Fixing Pins provide another layer of stability when installing the Groundcell ground control mesh on slopes, gradients and embankments.

Once the Groundcell cellular panels are laid, the ground control mesh can be quickly, easily and firmly secured in place with J Fixing Pins.

Their simple design makes them strong and durable, providing peace of mind of a long-lasting finish.

How Groundcell works

Groundcell is widely used for ground erosion prevention on slopes and embankments to protect, reinforce and stabilise the soil and promote growth. It is also used extensively for tree root ...

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Ground control system for tree root protection

Beauxfort’s Groundcell tree root protection system can be installed beneath access roads and driveways to protect tree roots from being damaged or compacted by the weight of vehicles travelling ...

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Erosion control system for slopes, gradients and embankments

Beauxfort’s Groundcell erosion control system prevents erosion on slopes, gradients and embankments, reinforcing and stabilising the soil, protecting against irregular settlement and rain washout, while allowing grass to grow. <...

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