Gravelrings gravel grids
are fully permeable and
SuDS compliant

Fully permeable, SuDS compliant gravel drive grids

Beauxfort’s Gravelrings is a fully permeable gravel retention system made up of plastic drive grids which are ideal for use in SuDS compliant schemes.

Laid over a suitable stone sub-base before being filled with loose aggregate or gravel, these porous plastic drive grids, with their unique integral mesh backing, enable the flow-through of silts and other fines, while preventing aggregate from working its way beneath the panel and eventually causing an uneven surface.

SuDS compliant gravel drive grids allow water rainwater to pass through them and the aggregate and drain away into the ground, unlike the water run-off from non-permeable surfaces, such as tarmac, block paving and concrete, which can cause localised flooding.

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