The right gravel stabilisation grid for a busy family home

“Gravelrings are a must. Easy to lay following the instructional video for a perfect level finish. The gravel stays in place with no ridges and no beach effect when walking or pushing a pushchair over it, a brilliant idea. There may be cheaper rings on the market but Gravelrings work as simple as that.”
Tom Green

The right gravel stabilisation grid for a busy family home

As a keen DIY enthusiast, home owner Tom Green built his own garage extension with wood accents to complement the rolling green landscape surrounding his home. The finishing touch to this extension was to extend the existing gravel driveway to the back of the house, to allow Tom to manoeuvre his car in and out of the garage without causing a rutted, messy surface.

Having done his own research, Tom knew a gravel stabilisation grid was the key to preventing these problems. His research also confirmed that cheaply made gravel grids would not have the functionality or strength required to prevent gravel migration. But Tom was undecided on whether to use an open or closed cell gravel grid for his driveway and, having discovered Gravelrings in the course of his research, enlisted the assistance of the Beauxfort team to help him navigate the technical components of gravel grid systems.

A gravel stabilisation grid built for the job

One of Beauxfort’s technical experts helped him to understand the difference between a closed cell gravel grid, such as Gravelrings, and an open cell system, for which he had received a quote. He soon realised that an open cell grid was not going to be the right gravel stabilisation solution for the job. Open cell gravel grids do not lock the gravel into the system, which would cause Tom a never-ending battle with gravel migration and constant unsightly grid exposure - exactly what he was wanting to avoid.

Determined to select the perfect gravel stabilisation grid, Tom booked a free site visit with Beauxfort to learn more about the Gravelrings gravel stabilisation grid. Upon seeing the Gravelrings grids in action Tom was sold. He could see that with their unique design of circular cells with an integral mesh backing would combat his concerns over gravel migration. Designed to be overfilled to secure the gravel in place, the grids themselves remain hidden while providing effective stability beneath the surface. He was also assured that the integral mesh base prevents gravel mining its way underneath the panels, which is the main cause of gravel grids lifting and creating an uneven surface.

A gravel driveway crafted to perfection

When Tom received his Gravelrings order he set to work constructing his dream gravel driveway. The easy clipping mechanism ensured the installation was efficient and fuss-free, and made using the gravel grids a breeze. Tom was delighted with the end result of his labour and this was in no small part thanks to the Gravelrings gravel stabilisation grid.

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