17th February 2022

Why are SuDs Sustainable?

Why are SuDs Sustainable?

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs) are landscape solutions designed to prevent surface water being directed through a network of sewers and pipes, which lead to nearby watercourses.

Actionable measures such as The National Planning Policy Framework have been introduced to provide a blueprint towards creating more sustainable developments. The National Planning Policy Framework states new developments must have sustainable drainage systems and priority should be given to these landscape solutions.

Given the importance of SuDs and the rise in traction toward these type of landscape products, lets delve deeper into why these systems are both important and sustainable.

Landscape Solutions For Sustainability

SuDs are sustainable because they allow stormwater to permeate through the ground and return to the natural water cycle, reducing the risk of localised flooding. The use of these landscape products protects nearby water sources by improving water quality, as contaminated water is reduced, which decreases water pollution, as less water will infiltrate sewage drain networks and disperse into nearby waterways.

SuDs Compliant Landscape Products

Sustainable developments require sensitive design from the landscape products used to the incorporation of the surrounding environment. The rising population growth combined with the development of hardstanding infrastructure has meant flood risks are increasing, which has created a need for SuDs compliant landscape products.

While driveway surfaces such as concrete and tarmac are initially attractive due to requiring minimal maintenance, the same need can be fulfilled by landscape products such as Gravelrings gravel grid, with the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing. Gravelrings can also be used to carve gravel paths and even create parking areas, while serving the needs of the natural environment.

The requirement to protect green spaces is ever-growing, with new developments being built every year to cope with rising demands. In developments where green space may be compromised, due to having to withstand vehicular traffic, instead of laying a tarmac surface, landscape products like Grassrings grass grid can be used to stabilise the grass.

Both landscape solutions fulfil SuDs guidelines because they do not hinder the natural water cycle, as stormwater can permeate through. In addition, Grassrings open cell structure provides a large surface area for root zone development so grass can obtain all the oxygen, nutrients and moisture it needs to flourish, making it the perfect green space protector.

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