20th January 2022

What Type Of Gravel Is Best For A Driveway?

What Type Of Gravel Is Best For A Driveway?

For many people, when installing a gravel driveway, the finished aesthetic is the most important factor. After all, this is what is left after the messy work has been done. With so much choice out there, choosing the right gravel can be a daunting task. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to consider than colour when selecting what stone to use for a gravel driveway.

Gravel Shapes And Sizes

The shape and size of gravel are particularly important aspects when installing a gravel driveway. Angled 8-10mm gravel is a popular choice among homeowners. The gravel is large enough to avoid becoming wedged between car tyres, causing them to lose traction, or sliding between the grooves of shoes just to be trampled through the home. Laying a gravel grid beneath the surface will prevent gravel migration, as, with angled stone, the gravel can be locked securely into the system using a compactor plate. The gravel driveway would also encompass a National Trust style aesthetic – meaning the surface would be solid and secure underfoot and tyre.

Other homeowners may prefer the beachy feel on their gravel driveway. While running the risk of encountering the problems mentioned above, some homeowners are willing to sacrifice practicalities for aesthetics. Rounded cobbles provide the desired beachy look and feel. Although they are not recommended for optimum results, laying a gravel grid like Gravelrings beneath rounded cobbles eliminates the risk of a rutted, displeasing surface. However, this will not prevent the top layer of stone moving, therefore the gravel driveway will naturally mirror walking along a pebbled beach.

Gravel Driveway Colour

The colour of the gravel driveway is what most homeowners envision before any necessary planning or work has commenced. It is this image of the final result which makes the process of installing a gravel driveway more bearable.

But other homeowners may find it difficult to decide what colour is best for their gravel driveway. If this sounds like you, to help you decide, take a look around your surrounding exteriors. Think, what colour would complement them best?

If there are harsh dark exteriors, it may be best to create space and light on your gravel driveway through white coloured stone. If Gravelrings is the gravel grid of choice, the white grid can provide reassurance that the tell-tale visible lines won’t be seen. However, due to the design of the gravel grids a black grid can be used and will still stay hidden. Ultimately, it is down to your personal preference on what colour gravel grid you use with white stone.

Golden gravel is a natural choice that illuminates in the sunshine and can complement almost all home exteriors. Subsequently, golden gravel embodies the premium, stately home look and truly is a timeless classic.

If a more modern, sleek look is the desired route, black stone can be used. Black gravel creates a bold, dramatic impact – not a choice for the faint hearted. Black ice may be a better choice for those who crave the dark modern look, but feel the exterior choice does not allow it. A black ice gravel driveway can be mixed with icy blue and grey tones or white to complement black gravel, which gives a softer approach to dark tones.

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