22nd November 2022

What impacts the average cost of gravel?

Average Cost Of Gravel Lower With Gravelrings

The average cost of gravel will vary depending on the type of gravel drive stabilisation chosen. Given the spiralling cost of living crisis, landscaping professionals and homeowners are demanding products that entail cost-saving benefits. Therefore, it is important to install products that reduce the cost of raw materials required for landscaping projects.

Furthermore, the material price index increased by 16.7%, highlighting the ever-growing cost of raw materials among building materials. With costs increasing across all driveway surfaces, let’s investigate how the choice of gravel drive stabilisation impacts the average cost of gravel.

The depth of the gravel drive stabilisation grid matters

To keep the average cost of gravel down selecting a gravel drive stabilisation grid with a low depth is key. A significant purpose of installing a gravel grid is to reduce the amount of gravel needed. Projects that underestimate the cost savings of using a gravel drive stabilisation grid will spend considerably more on gravel during the project. The homeowner will also spend more over the lifetime of the driveway. This is because the surface will require regular topping up with stone as the gravel will migrate and rutting will form.

Gravelrings gravel retaining system is a cost-effective option for any gravel project. This is because the savings on gravel demand outweigh the cost of the system, achieved by the 25mm low profile. A 25mm deep gravel stabilisation grid not only needs less gravel to overfill the system. But the low depth also requires a shallower excavation of the soil. Consequently, ground preparation work can be performed in a shorter amount of time.

Longevity reigns supreme

Keep the average cost of gravel low by paying attention to depth. However, longevity will always reign supreme when evaluating costs. Selecting a system where loose aggregate cannot work beneath the system and spoil the beautifully laid foundations will certainly ensure the gravel driveway lasts a lifetime. Gravelrings gravel drive stabiliser keeps stones in place with an innovative moulded mesh base. Interlocking tiles and a supportive mesh base create an unstoppable barrier to prevent panels from lifting and ruining excellent workmanship. Now more than ever quality products are high on landscaping professionals’ and homeowners’ agendas and that begins with creating strong foundations for exceptional designs.

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