15th September 2022

How to install a Gravelrings driveway overlay system

How to install a Gravelrings driveway overlay system

Gravelrings driveway overlay system is an easy-to-install approach for applying gravel to an existing driveway surface. Landscapers may wonder how this gravel overlay system works in practice. To this end, let’s investigate how to install Gravelrings in this method.

Preparing the sub-base

The most critical part of the process is to make sure the existing surface has been thoroughly examined to remove any loose surface. Furthermore, potholes or ruts need filling with sub-base material. This is to ensure the driveway overlay system is installed on an even surface.

Using Graveledge in a driveway overlay system

To prevent gravel from migrating into neighbouring areas, lay Graveledge around the perimeter. Some driveways will not require Graveledge. These driveways will instead have a solid structure adjacent, such as a wall or fence.

Laying the driveway overlay system

The gravel overlay system must be installed mesh side down on the surface and clipped together. During the installation, ensure that a gap of at least 50mm is left around the perimeter. A gap has to be left to allow the panels to expand in the warmer months.

Laying a gravel overlay system is quick because they arrive on site as 1 square metre tiles. To secure the driveway overlay system in place, drill a pilot hole and hammer Gravelrings fixing pins through the holes. Alternatively, a quicker method is to use an electric nail gun and fire concrete fixing nails through the mesh base. Our experts recommend one fixing per square meter for both methods. Slopes and turning areas particularly need fixings as these areas require extra security.

The finishing touch to a gravel overlay system

Spread gravel over the tiles to complete the gravel driveway. The depth will need to be approximately 10-15mm above the top edge to hide the grids. A top tip from our experts is to rinse the gravel with water and lightly compact the stone. This helps consolidation and settlement. For more detailed guidelines on laying a Gravelrings gravel overlay system refer to the overlay application guidelines.

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