28th September 2021

How to get the look of a resin driveway without the resin

How to get the look of a resin driveway without the resin

Bespoke resin drives are highly sought after due to their weed resistance and durability. But when deciding on the finish of your driveway it is important to understand the costs and maintenance requirements of the different options. Resin driveways cannot be achieved without a large budget because the application requires expensive raw materials and a complex installation process.

An attractive and well-laid driveway undoubtedly adds value to your property, an estimated 5-10%, making it vital to choose the right surface finish. It is the smooth finish of a resin bound driveway that makes it such an attractive option, but now this look can be achieved without the need for a costly resin overlay.

Get the resin-look without the expense of resin

Gravel is probably the surface least associated with a smooth finish and yet, thanks to a clever and innovative driveway grid system, it is now a viable and less costly alternative to a resin-bonded driveway. By laying Gravelrings gravel retention grids one of the main issues associated with gravel driveways is addressed and resolved.

Gravel migration has long been the bane of many a homeowner and grounds maintenance officer’s life. Heavy rain, gusting wind and sloping surfaces have all contributed to gravel migrating from the driveway onto lawns and into flower beds, even into homes and hallways, and leaving behind an irregular, rutted, patchy and unattractive surface. For that reason many people decide against using gravel. However, this issue arises where gravel driveways have been laid either without a gravel grid system or with an inferior, cheap, brittle plastic grid that doesn’t function properly.

Gravelrings from Beauxfort, the landscaping solutions specialist, combats this issue by having an integral mesh base. The key feature prevents gravel undermining the panel and causing it to lift, a common issue associated with gravel grids that do have such a feature. What’s more, the mesh base being moulded to the system means it cannot become detached and allow gravel to work its way beneath. The mesh base also prevents aggregates from shifting and sinking, leaving the gravel grid itself exposed. Exposed gravel grids are unattractive, requiring regular topping up or raking the gravel back into place, adding to the time and cost of maintaining a gravel driveway.

High maintenance costs are a thing of the past

Although resin driveways leave an attractive, smooth finish, they too have hidden maintenance costs. Unlike gravel, resin requires periodic washing because the material can become easily stained. For example, if leaves are not thoroughly washed off the surface they can discolour the resin. It’s recommended to get this type of surface professionally cleaned, again increasing maintenance costs. As gravel can’t be easily stained it replicates the look of resin without the additional cost of regular cleaning.

When speaking about maintenance costs, the time involved in the upkeep of a driveway is rarely mentioned. A time-consuming task associated with maintaining gravel driveways is weeding. However, Gravelrings gravel grid reduces the need for this. The open mesh base allows free drainage, making the system SuDS compliant and preventing the build-up of silt and fines, which encourages weed growth.

Gravel grids that are strong and built to last

The strength of gravel grids is often questioned when compared to resin. However, Gravelrings grids are designed using the strongest geometric shape there is – the circle. The circular shape means that the grids have no weak corners that struggle to withstand heavy loads or can easily break. In fact, Gravelrings gravel grids have been tested to sustain loads of 350 tonnes per m², making them perfectly suitable for frequent vehicle movement and parking without damaging the driveway surface.

Last, the versatility of gravel is unmatched compared to resin surfaces. Once laid, the surface colour of resin cannot be changed unless the entire surface mix is removed and re-laid. On the other hand, gravel can be easily replaced to achieve a different look and, with Gravelrings installed, it will always look its best.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. Check out our website www.beauxfort.com for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems, design inspiration and to request a free sample, or talk to our friendly team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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