14th July 2020

How to create an eco-friendly garden

How to create an eco-friendly garden

Being environmentally conscious is slowly but surely embedding itself in all areas of our lives. When it comes to our gardens, we can make sure we’re as eco-friendly as possible through planting, conserving water and the hard landscaping choices we make.

Plant for wildlife

Plants are the essence of a garden, so choose wisely when creating an eco-friendly garden. Opt for native plants (as a bonus, they’re usually more resistant to pests) and select plants that attract wildlife including bees and butterflies, helping to protect their declining numbers. You can go further and provide shelters for nature, including bird boxes and bug hotels.

Conserve water

Reduce unnecessary water wastage by using water butts and collecting and reusing rainwater. Better still, go for oak barrels to avoid the green plastic tubs. Instead of depending on hosepipes and sprinklers, invest in an eco-friendly watering system that focusses on watering the roots rather than the leaves of the plants.

Use permeable surfaces

Water run-off from non-permeable surfaces in gardens, such as concrete, can cause localised flooding and adversely affect wildlife. Using gravel for hard surfaces in your garden allows water to drain away into the ground. Use Beauxfort’s Gravelrings beneath the gravel surface – they’re SuDS compliant, meaning the rainwater can pass through them, but they keep the gravel in place. With Gravelrings there is the option of black-coloured panelS, Made entirely from recycled material, and both the black and the white panels are fully recyclable.

Reduce electricity

Outdoor lighting can have a fantastic effect on your garden at night. But rather than draw on electricity, consider the wide range of solar-powered options now available. They’re easy to install and come in all shapes and sizes, whether you want to enhance a driveway with solar pillar lights or provide some ambient light around outdoor entertaining areas.

Choose alternatives to chemicals

Weeds may be the bane of a gardener’s life, but before you reach for a chemical weed killer, consider organic alternatives, or laying a weed suppressing membrane instead. And although pesticides might help stop unwanted insects from destroying plants, their overuse has had a catastrophic impact on insect populations. Using companion planting is a natural and eco-friendly method to pest control – for example, planting carrots and leeks together protects both crops, as leeks repel carrot fly and carrots ward off leek moth. To protect against slugs and snails, consider copper slug rings or use crushed eggshells or ground coffee beans.

Choose local materials

If you’re sourcing garden items such as furniture, find options that have been built nearby with local materials so their carbon footprint is reduced (and support your local businesses too). If you’re laying a gravel driveway, source local gravel and use Beauxfort’s Gravelrings to keep the gravel in place. Gravelrings are manufactured from recycled plastic in the UK and don’t have the same carbon footprint as alternatives that have been made overseas.

Grow your own food

Become less dependent on your supermarket and grow your own fruit and vegetables. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, a variety of berries can be grown in pots. If you’ve got the room, native fruit trees such as cherry trees and crab apple trees can produce a delicious crop and a lovely spring blossom too.

Make your own fertiliser

Come autumn, instead of gathering leaves for your green waste bin, create natural leaf mould by allowing them to decompose in the corner of your garden. Not only does it provide a warm refuge for small animals, but you’re also left with a nutrient-rich, organic fertiliser.

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