20th October 2022

How can gravel retaining systems play a role in reducing costs in an uncertain economic time

Gravelrings gravel retaining system finished driveway

A recession is looming in the distance and confidence in the economy is dwindling. Pennies are squeezed tighter as disposable income depletes. While this paints a dark picture of the future, one thing is certain: the last few years have emphasised the importance of a well-designed outdoor space on homeowners’ moods and well-being.

Garden landscaping supplies are still in demand. While to some homeowners a driveway is merely a place to park their car off the streets. An exceptional front garden equipped with a beautifully laid driveway will frame the property and create a grand impression.

Gravel retaining systems are trending

The price of asphalt and tarmac has skyrocketed, so unsurprisingly in these bleak economic times, homeowners are looking for more cost-efficient garden landscaping supplies to upgrade their properties. A gravel surface finish is a cost-effective solution for both homeowners and installers. In fact, data highlights that 40%-50% more internet users are searching for a gravel retaining system. Gravel isn’t the only cost-effective solution on the market so why are people turning to this surface finishing?

Getting to grips with gravel

When talking about gravel, loose gravel surfaces normally spring to mind. In short, a nightmare surface. Loose gravel dislodges everywhere and with time this surface ends up looking like an unkempt mess.

However, if the garden landscaping supplies used beneath are right, they unlock superior surface stability alongside being mindful of the pennies. Gravelrings gravel retaining system is the key to installing a practical and cost-effective gravel driveway. This system remedies the aggravating problem of stone migration. Graciously gravel proactively fastens into the grid so it cannot be swept down a slope or nestle into the grooves of car tyres.

Furthermore, durable garden landscaping supplies are essential when cash is scarce. The cheapest market option can be tempting but this will only require replacing a few years down the line. Unfortunately, this results in more money being spent than using a quality product at the start. However, Gravelrings gravel retaining system strives to last because the grid does not lift and show through. Grids that lift over time not only cause a hazardous surface but the only method to remedy this problem is to resurface the driveway. Gravelrings mesh base is the first of its kind to anchor the grids into the sub-base so they remain firm in the ground.

Cost-effectiveness stretches beyond durability. Raw material prices can be a significant cost. Gravelrings gravel retaining system reduces this cost as fewer stone fills the system, as the depth meets 25mm. Furthermore, when maintenance requirements roll around the gravel retaining system will not need topping up as frequently as cheaper systems as the stone retains in the grid. Proving that high-quality systems save money in the short and long term. The future remains bleak for the foreseeable so thinking about garden landscaping supplies that make homeowners lives easier is key in these challenging times.

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