14th December 2021

Gravel grids preserve labyrinth design at luxury B&B

Gravel grids preserve labyrinth design at luxury B&B

Situated within the heart of Dalby Forest in the North York Moors National Park lies High Dalby House and Cottages, luxury bed and breakfast accommodation, which offers a peaceful environment for guests to recharge and relax. Owners, Ian and Linda pride themselves on providing their guests with a first-class experience, with grounds that extend over an impressive six acres. To elevate the property even further, they undertook an extensive site development, which included a project to refurbish the old, unused tennis court.

Ian decided a gravel labyrinth would be a beautiful addition to the grounds, as it would be in keeping with the tranquil ambiance of the retreat. Labyrinths are intricate designs drawn on the ground with spiritual value that embody mindful thinking, by allowing people to walk a path to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.

The Problem: How To Stop Gravel From Moving

Gravel was the chosen material for the labyrinth because it is a loose aggregate which means it could be shaped to carve the path, while maintaining the premium look of the house and the cottages. The construction of a gravel labyrinth is highly complex because the different colours of gravel cannot mix and the surface needs to be solid enough to withstand frequent footfall. Therefore, a gravel grid with features to prevent gravel migration, while also achieving a stable base, was vital.

The Solution: Gravelrings Gravel Grids

After seeing an advertisement for the Gravelrings gravel retention system Ian knew this was the gravel grid he needed. Ian realised the gravel grids would combat the issue of gravel migration in two main ways. Firstly, the closed cell structure of this gravel retention system meant it would secure the gravel in place by locking it within the cells. Secondly, because Gravelrings gravel grids’ integral mesh base would prevent gravel from slipping beneath the gravel grids, stopping them from lifting and creating a dangerous trip hazard.

Beneath The Labyrinth: A Gravel Retention System Built To Last

The end result is a beautiful gravel labyrinth, designed and constructed to withstand gravel migration and retain the original design. The Gravelrings gravel retention system hidden below will allow guests to enjoy a serene experience when walking along the labyrinth for many years to come.

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