28th September 2021

Create planning compliant parking and access without sacrificing aesthetics

Create planning compliant parking and access without sacrificing aesthetics

When aesthetics bump into practicalities, compromise is often required. When luxury venues, hotels, golf courses, or even premium homes consider how to incorporate the practicalities of parking into a landscaping brief, it may at first appear that the look and feel of green spaces will have to be sacrificed for the ever-so practical but not aesthetically-pleasing hard landscaping surfaces. But they would be wrong. By installing a grass reinforcement system, grassed areas can not only be retained but become multipurpose – strong enough to withstand vehicles for access and overflow parking, while retaining the soft desirable landscaping aesthetic of grass.

What is a grass reinforcement system?

Beauxfort’s Grassrings is a grass reinforcement system that protects lawned areas against the weight and wear of vehicles. Simple to install and flexible, the grass grids clip together over a suitable stone sub-base, to be backfilled with soil and seeded with grass. The result is a grassed surface with long-term reinforcement and stabilisation that can withstand vehicular traffic when needed.

The unique open grid design allows a root development area where roots can grow, and the grass can thrive. What’s more, it’s a permeable, SuDS-compliant solution. Whereas planning permission may be required for other parking surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, Grassrings allow rainwater to permeate, reducing local flooding risks.

The distinctive design of Grassrings delivers enduring performance. Made in Britain, Beauxfort’s Grassrings system is provided in 1m2 sheets of four pre-connected grass protection grids for efficient installation. Its flexible structure follows the ground’s contours, and the low profile of the grid means only a shallow excavation is needed.

Using Grassrings on private sector projects

Private clients, such as event spaces, luxury venues, hotels, golf courses, and other commercial locations, can gain temporary access zones or overflow car parking without giving up lawned areas. Venues can quickly transform grassed spaces into coach parking seasonally or for large events. Clients benefit from the practicalities of hard landscaping without forgoing the aesthetics of soft landscaping, creating a multipurpose surface. Increasingly, private homeowners recognise the benefits of reinforcing sections of lawn to make it suitable for temporary parking for hosting parties and private events.

Using Grassrings on public sector projects

Local authorities, government departments, utility companies and NHS Trusts are duty-bound to conserve biodiversity by incorporating green infrastructure, such as parks, playing fields, open spaces and woodland, in any development plans.

The National Planning Policy Framework also dictates that developers factor in rainwater management through SuDS-compliant systems to protect against local flooding. While in natural environments, rain falling on permeable surfaces soaks into the ground, in urban areas, where there is more hard landscaping and surfaces may be sealed this infiltration is not possible. Water tends to be diverted to local watercourses, which has in the past resulted in them becoming overwhelmed, causing downstream flooding and deterioration in river water quality.

Being able to incorporate SuDS-compliant grassed landscaping in a development tackles water management, aesthetics and practicality. By laying Grassrings, public authorities can incorporate green infrastructure in their plans, providing permeable, attractive soft landscaping that can double up as much-needed parking space when required.

Achieve perfect grassed parking space with the Beauxfort Grassrings system. Visit www.beauxfort.com for more information on Beauxfort landscape systems, for design inspiration and to request a free sample. You can talk to our team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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