21st April 2022

Brighten up your gravel driveway and front garden

Brighten up your gravel driveway and front garden

Now spring is in full swing with the lighter days and the sound of birds tweeting in the bushes, it is the perfect time to give your gravel driveway and front garden some attention. Sprucing up your gravel driveway along with the front garden provides a welcoming approach upon arriving home.

All keen gardeners know, autumn is the prime season to plant shrubs and flowers ready to flower in spring. However, for those who have put their front garden on the back burner, bedding plants can be bought to brighten up the space.

Spring bedding plants

Bedding plants provide a temporary solution for a decorative display, a gravel driveway lined with bedding plants is a particularly attractive setting to come home too. Despite bedding plants being on sale as early as March, they should not be planted until May when the risk of frost disappears.

Geraniums are vibrant and particularly sturdy plants; they thrive best in the sun so should avoid being placed in shady areas. Begonias have large, spectacular flowers available in a variety of colours. These plants can bloom in both sunny and shady places. Petunias have large, trumpet-like flowers and even come in striped patterns. If a hanging basket is favoured, petunias add vibrancy trailing out the sides. All these bedding plants are widely available at local garden centres.

Gravel driveway maintenance

Gravel driveways require some maintenance to keep them looking as fresh as when they were laid. No matter the gravel grid laid beneath, weeds can still appear overtime, from birds dropping seeds while flying above. If laid with a gravel grid like Gravelrings, weed maintenance will be very few. Grab a bucket and remove any weeds including the root to ensure they don’t grow back.

The gravel driveway may have become dirty from the winter season caused by high wind and rain dispersing debris. By using a pressure washer or hose gently blast off the dirt, if Gravelrings gravel grid was used the closed cell design will securely hold the gravel in place reducing gravel displacement when being washed.

Grow your own fruits and veggies

If you have the green finger urge, you have not left it too late, some seeds can be sown in April. If you’re just getting started or have limited space, you do not need a dedicated vegetable patch to grow. Radishes, beetroot, turnips, carrots, strawberries and lettuce can all be grown in plant pots. Dotting the pots beside your gravel driveway will allow for easy picking whenever you enter the home, ready in time for lunch or dinner. Take a peek at BBC Gardeners World for a more in-depth guide.

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