24th November 2020

8 things to check when deciding on a property to renovate

8 things to check when deciding on a property to renovate

When considering a property to renovate, there are budget-blowing elements that need careful thought. They’re the type of things that are fundamental to the running of a house yet can often come with a hefty price tag. But without sorting them, potential buyers might be put off the purchase. Here’s a rundown of big-ticket items that developers need to check and address when considering a property for renovation.

  1. Central heating 

    Central heating, including a new and efficient boiler, involves a significant outlay. But potential homebuyers may often be reluctant to complete this work themselves because of the disruption it can cause. Renovators should think carefully about what heating system to install. Consider whether a gas boiler is still the obvious choice, or if more eco-friendly options, such as heat exchange units, might be a savvier decision.

  2. Rewiring 

    Rewiring old properties is highly disruptive and expensive. Ideally, a property should be vacant while these works take place. A smart property developer usually takes this task on so that the home is ready for prospective buyers who want to avoid this type of work.

  3. Plumbing 

    How’s the plumbing in the property? A CCTV survey can reveal a lot about hidden pipes in the house and if they’re cracked and leaking. If the home is off-grid, it may have a cesspit that requires updating to today’s higher standards. Installing new water treatment plants can come with disruptive groundworks, so a job worth doing before laying a new driveway and marketing a property to attract potential buyers.

  4. Roofing 

    A warm, watertight roof is essential. A comprehensive survey will reveal whether repairs are sufficient, or if a replacement is the best course of action. If there are elements of flat roofing involved, take some time to look at the best options to ensure a long-lasting finish. It’ll give buyers the confidence that it won’t cause them any unwanted issues.

  5. Driveway 

    Replacing or installing a new driveway may put potential buyers off – whether because of the perceived high cost or the level of disruption. Shrewd developers will take this task on, knowing that a high-quality, gravel driveway adds value to a property. If it’s been laid with Gravelrings gravel retention grids, they’ll be able to reassure buyers that the driveway will have longevity and be resistant to rutting and gravel migration.

  6. Windows 

    Single glazed windows pose a headache for potential buyers. It’s often worth property developers taking this off their plate and installing double, if not triple, glazing for warmth and energy efficiency. New windows can drastically elevate the exterior of a property too, adding to the all-important kerb appeal.

  7. Kitchen 

    The kitchen can be a tricky aspect to decide whether to overhaul, but it’s an essential feature to sell a property fast. Many would-be buyers may prefer to choose their own; others want a modern kitchen ready to go. The decision of whether to install a new kitchen will depend on each individual property.

  8. Bathrooms 

    Similarly, bathrooms can be a very personal choice for potential buyers. But if a property’s bathrooms are very outdated with avocado suites and carpeted floors, they should certainly be part of a home renovation before marketing the property.

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