27th October 2020

8 outdoor features guaranteed to sell a property fast

8 outdoor features guaranteed to sell a property fast

While a home’s indoor space and features are undeniably essential to a property buyer’s decision, the garden and outdoor space are becoming more valued than ever. If you’re looking to sell a property there are now some key outdoor features that will ensure prospective buyers fall for your house quickly, and get you moving sooner rather than later.

  1. Summer houses and garden rooms 

    Additional spaces that allow homeowners to maximise their enjoyment of their garden is a real asset. Summer houses, especially those that are heated and can be used year-round as flexible office space, are a head-turner for those that work from home. Any outbuildings that can be converted to home gym spaces also extend the potential of a house further – while not guaranteed to add value to a property, these features can certainly make a property more marketable.

  2. Workshops, sheds and garages 

    A premium property should always feature garages and sheds that match the scale of a large home. Adding a shed increases the storage potential of a property and solves a potential problem for prospective buyers. Outbuildings that can be used flexibly, as a workshop for hobbies, extra storage or even converted to guest accommodation, will help buyers imagine how the spaces will work for their lifestyle.

  3. Entertaining spaces 

    Carefully thought-through outdoor entertaining spaces are a must, with plenty of casual and formal seating arrangements, along with hard-wired lighting and sound systems. Ideally, an outdoor kitchen will feature in the configuration, helping prospective buyers picture long summer evenings hosting pizza nights with an in-built pizza oven or toasting marshmallows around a firepit. Outdoor home cinema nights are gaining in popularity, so consider how a dedicated movie area with a projector could be incorporated to create the ultimate garden entertaining space.

  4. A well-finished driveway 

    The front garden and approach to a property is as important as the rear garden, perhaps even more so when it comes to selling a property quickly. The entrance to a home is what creates that essential first impression. The drive itself should be carefully designed to allow maximum parking and turning space and installed to a high standard, using the best materials. Gravel is the go-to option for premium properties, with its versatility and ability to complement all building materials. A gravel driveway installed using Beauxfort Gravelrings will provide guaranteed longevity and stability. The finishing touches, such as lighting, borders and planting, ensure the home looks welcoming, cared-for and elegant.

  5. Defined boundaries and privacy 

    A solid perimeter marked by fencing or walls can add gravitas to a property. Consult your estate agent to weigh up the value that could be added by defining the property boundaries. Automatic gates are a sure-fire way to add prestige to a home too, revealing the property grandly and enhancing its kerb appeal, while offering security and privacy.

  6. Security 

    Security goes beyond the perimeter gate and fences. Buyers of premium homes are looking for well-protected properties – and that starts in the garden areas. Consider smart security cameras to add peace of mind to prospective buyers and save them the job of installing them. Movement-sensing security lighting is a must and can handily double up as garden lighting for twilight entertaining or to floodlight garden games.

  7. Water features 

    The sound of running water is soothing and is a popular feature among prospective premium homebuyers. Water features can also help to mask other unwanted noises, such as neighbours or road noise. What’s more, they can provide a striking centrepiece at the front of a home when incorporated into an elegant gravel driveway.

  8. Easy-to-maintain planting 

    Making a property appealing to as many prospective buyers as possible will help encourage a quick sale. Creating an easy-to-maintain garden will help non-gardeners imagine themselves living there without the burden of extensive garden maintenance, while those with green fingers can picture how they’ll put their mark it.

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