16th June 2022

5 ways to make your home exterior more appealing

5 Ways To Make Your Home Exterior More Appealing

Simple tweaks to the home exterior, whether modern or traditional, can improve the overall look and feel of the property. For those brave enough, substantial changes can create dramatic, impactful architecture and a welcoming approach. A well thought-out design will increase any home’s curb appeal, which is advantageous in increasing the property’s value, making it worth exploring the options.

Add texture

While cladding is used on exteriors to form a protective layer for the exterior walls, it can also add texture, sparking visual interest. Timber cladding is a popular choice of material to add depth and extra dimension to a property. There are various timbers available on the market that offer varying finishes depending on the desired look. They also provide different protection levels and durability. Another option is composite cladding, which replicates the look and feel of timber while combating the downsides of using real wood.

Driveway design

A driveway is a sought-after feature for any property as it provides private parking and vehicular protection. A gravel driveway underpinned by Gravelrings gravel grid is the perfect centrepiece for the front exterior. Gravel is a porous material that offers a satisfying crunch when walked upon and blends seamless with any exterior finishing. The type of driveway stone used depends on the desired impact. A gravel grid filled with rounded driveway stone alludes to a beach look, while angular driveway stone is in keeping with National Trust-style landscapes. Laying a gravel grid system, such as Gravelrings, under a gravel driveway is a worthwhile investment as there are an abundance of cost-saving benefits, including reduced gravel demand and maintenance requirements.

Illuminating light

Adding light to the exterior brings a warming atmosphere to the front of the home. Spotlight features help to visually stretch a space, guide the way safely in the dark and add comforting security to deter intruders. Wall lighting washes exteriors with light and radiates a comforting glow. A gravel driveway lined with warm lighting creates an inviting scheme to return home to, especially in the evening.

Intertwining nature

Neglecting the front garden can negatively affect the overall value of the home, as unsightly weeds and overgrown grass gives a property an unkempt look. Beautiful blooms can be added to the garden to provide splashes of colour and by paying particular attention to when flowers are at their natural best can ensure vibrant flowers are enjoyed all year round. Bee bombs can be sown to give a countryside meadow feel to a garden and create a wonderful habitat for butterflies and bees, with the added benefit of being exceptionally low maintenance. A well-kept lawn provides the perfect frame for a gravel driveway, as green spaces compliment driveway stone.

A fresh coat of paint

Painting the exterior can revive the overall aesthetic of a home and give it a new lease of life. Adding bold, contrasting colours to the trim of a property can make a statement and give a property the wow-factor. Modern developments can be painted dark moody colours to create a mysterious, dramatic effect. Any DIY enthusiast can pick up a brush and get to work, but hiring professional painters ensures the correct paints are used on the various surface materials and the quality of the finish is to a high-standard.

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