11th February 2020

5 inspiring ideas for gravel driveways

5 inspiring ideas for gravel drivewaysx

A gravel driveway can be the ultimate enhancement to your home. But its design should be given due consideration to ensure it perfectly complements the style of your home and suits your tastes too. Here are five inspiring ideas for installing a new gravel driveway or revamping an existing one.

Embrace colour and local stone

There’s more choice of gravel colour than you might think, so spend some time considering what would suit your home best. You might be swayed by stone that is commonly used in your locality, such as granite or limestone, so that the look and feel of your driveway is in keeping with your area. In many cases, your choice of material will dictate the colour of your gravel driveway. But it’s not just the gravel colour that needs consideration – the finish of the stone, whether matt or iridescent, has a dramatic impact on the overall effect. Getting plenty of samples and observing them both wet and dry will help you make the right decision.

Consider contrasting edges to create definition

A neat edge to your gravel driveway helps achieve a smart and polished finish. Opting for a grass edge might not give you a crispness to maintain this effect. Instead, steel edges, sleepers or blocks can create better definition and a more pristine finish to your driveway. How bold or discrete you choose the edging to be will be part of how you want the overall look to be. By using the Gravelrings gravel grid system when installing your driveway, the migration of loose stones is diminished, helping to maintain a smart and level finish.

Opt for bold lighting

Well-considered lighting choices could be one of the best decisions you make to enhance your new gravel driveway. Whether you opt for easily-installed solar-powered lights or hardwired varieties, the result can not only be impactful but practical too. A Beauxfort project in Hurstpierpoint used effective and contemporary pillar lighting along the length of the driveway, creating a welcoming glow for evening visitors.

Use complementary planting schemes

Planting schemes should be considered with your driveway planning. Evergreen trees and shrubs can help break up the solidity of a driveway and introduce more texture and colour to the front of your home. Contemporary homes may call for more architectural-style plants or vivid colours, whereas more traditional choices may complement period properties.

Aim for symmetry

If space allows, creating symmetry is always a desirable design choice. For those properties that can accommodate one, a turning circle is not only practical but creates a real statement and pleasing symmetry too. What’s more, the centre of the turning circle can be used for a centrepiece such as a water feature or a striking tree. Where a turning circle isn’t possible, symmetry can be achieved via planting schemes, a bold entrance gate and fencing.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. Check out our website www.beauxfort.com for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems and design inspiration, and to download the Beauxfort Distinctive Landscape Systems brochure and request a free sample. Or talk to our friendly team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or info@beauxfort.com.

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