10th December 2019

4 stunning themes for decorating driveways at Christmas

4 stunning themes for decorating driveways at Christmas

Creating magical displays outside our homes at Christmas has become almost as important as the decorations inside. Having created a stunning driveway approach to your home, Christmas is a great time to really show it off. Whether you’re new to driveway decorations or you proudly add to your collection each year, here are some themes to give your driveway the yuletide wow-factor.

  1. An Enchanted ChristmasTake your cue from Kew and design a tasteful scheme of white lights and shimmering lanterns that lead up the driveway to your home. Like the experts at The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, drape fairy light mats over bushes and wrap strings of LED lights around the branches of trees that overhang your driveway to create a canopy of stars. Pre-lit arches can be placed over your driveway to create sense of magic and whimsy. This theme is a real scene-setter for the season (and not an animatronic snowman in sight).
  2. Traditional and Elegant 

    Your gravel driveway may be beautifully lit all year round, so extra lights at Christmas may not be necessary. Instead, a traditional theme of garlands and wreaths in a palette of red and green might complement your home better. Wrap garlands around the trees and fences that line your driveway and adorn them with velvet ribbons, berries and pinecones. Create beautiful and fragrant arrangements using natural and seasonal materials, such as pine, holly and eucalyptus to welcome your Christmas guests. If you feel like upping the ante, an elegant willow reindeer can complement your theme without going overboard.

  3. Winter Wonderland 

    If you’re pining for a white Christmas, you might have to fake it. Throughout December you could arrive home every day to a winter wonderland created with fake snow, piles of snowballs, and signs directing you and your visitors to hidden garden grottoes. Take some tips from Lapland UK and spray your trees and plants with artificial snow and install some pre-lit birch trees to add to the Nordic feel. Drape faux furs over your outdoor furniture, and light warming firepits to roast chestnuts over.

  4. Kitsch and Novel 

    Alternatively, you could abandon all good taste and fully embrace the season’s most ostentatious decorations. Line your driveway with flashing candy canes and install a Santa to clamber gracelessly over your gate. Flank your paths with all-singing, all-dancing reindeer and elves. Hang neon novelty baubles from the branches of the trees that overhang your driveway. Inflate a giant Santa in your front garden to greet your friends and loom over the festivities. The key to nailing this theme is knowing that ‘more is more’. Many people who extend this scheme to the entire exterior of their house do it for charity, knowing that the decorations are likely to become a local attraction.

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