13th October 2020

12 features every premium property should have

12 features every premium property should have

The high-end property market jostles for the attention of buyers looking for a roster of desirable features. But which features are buyers of the most exclusive homes on the lookout for? Here we look at the most highly sought-after features that today’s premium property buyers have on their wishlists.

The 12 features every premium property should have:

  1. A large kitchen island 

    The kitchen is the hub of any home. In premium properties, it needs to have a wow-factor, as well as function as a social space. Kitchen islands have long been a popular method to show off space and scale, and are highly practical in terms of storage and extra seating. A kitchen island set-up is completed by statement lighting to add personality and create a focal point.

  2. A walk-in pantry 

    Another demonstration of the luxury of space, a walk-in pantry is a practical kitchen asset for families. Organised shelves of well-stocked supplies that are easy to see and grab are simpler and more convenient than kitchen cupboards.

  3. High-end appliances 

    A luxury kitchen wouldn’t be complete without top of the range appliances housed in bespoke cabinets. Buyers of premium homes are looking for multiple ovens boasting the latest features, double dishwashers, double sinks, boiling water taps, pot fillers and built-in espresso machines and microwaves. High on that wishlist will also be an American fridge freezer, with ice dispenser and the space needed for food for large families and entertaining. And don’t forget the built-in wine fridge and drinks cooler.

  4. A laundry room and mudroom 

    A dedicated laundry room, housing a high-end washing machine and tumble dryer, offers ample storage space for cleaning products and a separate space from the kitchen to wash, dry, sort and even, if space allows, iron clothes. A laundry room may be adjacent to a mudroom or boot room, where muddy or sandy clothes and shoes can be deposited, cleaned and stored. A shower room or shower facility in either the laundry room and mudroom will be a head-turner for active, outdoorsy families, especially those with dogs.

  5. Walk-in showers 

    Door-less, walk-in showers are the de rigueur of luxury bathrooms and should feature in every bathroom and en suite of a premium home. Large, waterfall showerheads and recessed shower shelves complete the arrangement and are complemented further by a comforting heated, tiled floor.

  6. Walk-in wardrobes or dressing rooms 

    Luxury home buyers are looking for an impressive master suite, consisting of three distinct spaces – a bedroom, en suite bathroom and a dressing room. Buyers are looking for ample yet stylish storage for clothes, shoes and bags that can be kept out of the bedroom in either a spacious walk-in wardrobe or an even more decadent dressing room.

  7. Connected indoor-outdoor spaces 

    Large and luxurious family homes are conducive to entertaining. In the summer, homeowners are looking to throw open large doors or bi-folds to create a seamless indoor/outdoor flow for guests to shelter from drizzle or summer heat without breaking up the party.

  8. Outdoor entertaining spaces 

    While the requisite for spacious indoor entertaining areas, such as large dining rooms, go without saying, so too are equivalent outdoor entertaining areas that can accommodate large numbers for al fresco events. Patios and decks, complete with outdoor speakers, ambient lighting and luxury garden furniture help prospective buyers imagine long summer evenings under the stars.

  9. Outdoor kitchens 

    Outdoor entertaining spaces are further enhanced by a carefully considered outdoor kitchen that goes beyond a portable BBQ. Expect extended cooking areas, with a built-in pizza oven and state-of-the-art BBQ, complete with ,food preparation and serving areas to take away the need for inconvenient trips indoors.

  10. A scene-setting driveway 

    Those looking to buy a premium home want to be wowed from the off – and also want that same reaction from their guests once they move in. A sweeping, if there’s room, or at least uber-smart gravel driveway is a must for prestigious properties. There is nothing like the crunch of gravel under car wheels to announce an arrival. A grand gravel driveway, that is hassle-free and stable, with carefully considered parking and places for vehicles to manoeuvre, and elegantly finished with lighting and landscaping, is definitely one for the premium homebuyer’s wishlist.

  11. A spacious home office 

    With home working at new levels, buyers are looking for houses with dedicated offices and studies away from the home’s main living areas. When it comes to premium homes, these spaces have to offer even more – spacious and quiet areas that are filled with natural light, offer the fastest possible broadband, and all the executive experience of the boardroom with the commute.

  12. Flexible outbuildings 

    Luxury homes go beyond just the main house. Prospective owners are looking for guest cottages, annexes and summer houses, in addition to the practicalities of garages and sheds. They should allow flexibility for future owners to adapt them to their needs, whether that’s as additional or alternative office space, workshops for hobbies, space for guests or grown-up children.

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