22nd September 2020

10 essential features to sell a property fast

10 essential features to sell a property fast

If you need to sell a property easily, there are certain features that will always help to turn buyers’ heads. An estate agent can provide insight into what your home would benefit from, based on its size, type and location and whether your investments will pay off in the sale price. But there are also some sure-fire internal and external features that will make your home more appealing.

Post-lockdown, what Brits want in their dream home has changed. While you can’t necessarily add an outdoor pool, a home cinema, or a new set of neighbours to help that marketability of your home, there are other steps you could consider to secure a quick sale.

Here’s our rundown of 10 essential features that sell a property fast:

  1. A kitchen island 

    A kitchen island indicates the luxury of space, so if your kitchen can comfortably accommodate one, it’s worth considering incorporating. A kitchen island is further enhanced if you can add seats – either at bar stool height for casual dining, or better still, a dual-level island where seating can be arranged around a table-height section.

  2. Premium countertops 

    If you don’t need, or want, to replace an entire kitchen, changing some elements can help lift it. Whether granite, marble or quartz, a high-end worktop can revitalise a kitchen, making it luxurious and adding lustre. Switching out old or dated handles and knobs with top quality, modern fittings can be transformative too.

  3. High-end appliances 

    Save potential buyers the hassle of replacing worn appliances and invest in some desirable new kit, including self-cleaning ovens, an American fridge freezer and a wine fridge. Luxury appliances can help conjure visions of the lifestyle that awaits the new owner.

  4. Luxury bathrooms 

    After outdoor space and the kitchen, bathrooms are usually next on buyers’ priority lists. Today’s home seekers are looking for easy-to-clean features to help it look immaculate. Walk-in showers and freestanding baths are undoubtedly appealing bathroom assets, along with heated mirrors and underfloor heating for a luxury bathing experience.

  5. Energy efficiency 

    Whether motivated by protecting the environment and making green decisions or merely saving money, energy-efficient elements can be convincing factors in a house sale. From simple changes such as LED lighting and enhanced loft insulation to significant alterations including rainwater harvesting, triple glazing and air-source heat pumps, energy efficiency is a desirable commodity.

  6. Plastering and decorating 

    If you live in an older property, ensuring the plastering is up to scratch beneath years of wallpaper will save the new owners a job they’d rather avoid. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colours will help potential buyers envisage their future home with the benefit of a blank canvas, rather than trying to see past dated wallpaper and décor.

  7. A flexible open-plan layout 

    While knocking down walls to create open plan living has been popular, there’s a trend towards flexible living, where spaces can be closed off or opened up as required. Glazed internal bi-fold doors can divide open-plan spaces to create more reception rooms or home offices and are an appealing option for larger families looking for flexible space that can be inclusive or private, as required.

  8. Seamless indoor and outdoor spaces 

    Bi-fold or sliding doors that blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space are highly desirable. A sense of alfresco living can be achieved by laying the same flooring indoors and out, creating the illusion of more space and seamless transitions.

  9. Tidy and fresh exterior 

    If radical changes aren’t on your agenda pre-sale, then at the very least, the exterior should be clean, tidy, weed-free and organised. Make the most of what you’ve got by cleaning up and arranging garden furniture, mowing the lawn and weeding. Painting windows and doors can have a surprisingly revitalising effect. The overall impression is one that is cared for and does wonders for your property’s kerb appeal.

  10. A gravel driveway 

    Of course, when it comes to first impressions, nothing beats a gravel driveway, and it can add value to your home. It’s the first thing potential buyers see and sets the scene for the rest of the house. If your existing driveway is thinning and worn, creating a low-maintenance driveway with Gravelrings gravel retention system can be transformative.

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