Gravel Driveway and Grass Reinforcement

Beauxfort Approved Installer Scheme

Beauxfort is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in grass and gravel surfacing.
We are also committed to ensuring that contractors have the best possible help and support available, when installing our products.
In this way we can enable and ensure optimum results, every time.

Beauxfort Approved Installer

Our Approved Installer Scheme

The Beauxfort Gravelrings and Grassrings ground control systems are premium products that provide distinctive, enduring landscape finishes.
Our Approved Installer Scheme, aimed at assisting landscapers and contractors in achieving the best results for their customers, reflects our commitment to offering quality, specialist products for landscaping professionals.

Join Beauxfort’s Approved Installer Scheme and you will reap the following rewards:


  • FREE marketing materials that will ensure your work is seen by prospective customers.
  • Use the Beauxfort Approved Installer logo on your website and marketing materials to verify your membership of this prestigious scheme and give your customers reassurance of quality results
  • Offer an extended warranty on any Gravelrings or Grassrings systems you install (exclusive to Beauxfort Approved Installers)
  • Get referrals and recommendations to domestic clients, architects and specifiers as an approved installer for Beauxfort products.
  • Opportunities to quote for projects using Beauxfort products

Watch a video on how to install GRAVELRINGS

The System in Action

“What our installers say”

"I don’t hesitate to recommend Gravelrings"

“I first used the Beauxfort Gravelrings system on a large, gently sloping drive. I found it easy to lay, they cut effortlessly and installation was fast. Once the gravel was spread, the surface was extremely firm. I am very impressed with all aspects of the product and I don’t hesitate to recommend Gravelrings to my clients.”

David Sinclair, Contractor

"Good quality and fitted together well"

“We were extremely impressed by this product. [The Gravelrings] were of good quality and also fitted together well, thus saving valuable labour costs. Both the client and myself were very happy with the finished driveway.”

Barry Ransom, Barry A Ransom Ltd